Everything you need to know about @One More Beer Festival 2022:

The event takes place on the grounds of the PINTA Barrel Brewing and PINTA breweries, at ul. Przemysłowa 4, 34-382 Wieprz.

The picturesque River Soła is in the vicinity of the breweries.

The event location offers an unforgettable view of the Beskid Mountains.

August 5, 2022 — Session 1: 11:00-15:00, Session 2: 17:00-21:00

August 6, 2022 — Session 3: 11:00-15:00

A non-ticketed PINTA Party takes place on the premises on both Friday and Saturday, until 00:00.

The best way to get to the PINTA premises is by train, such as via Silesian Railways (Koleje Śląskie) from Katowice, Tychy, Bielsko-Biała, or Żywiec stations. Get off at Radachowy-Wieprz station.

The journey from Bielsko-Biała, for example, takes roughly 30 minutes and costs 8.00 PLN (at peak times).

It takes about 6 minutes to get from the Radziechowy-Wieprz station to the event.

A current timetable can be found here: https://www.kolejeslaskie.com/polaczenia/.

Alternatively, you can drive to the brewery, either by car or by taxi. We have a marked car park with a limited number of spaces available.

During the day and in the evening, regular trains from Silesian Railways (Koleje Śląskie) run in the directions of Żywiec, Bielsko-Biała, Tychy, Katowice, and Zwardón.

A current timetable can be found here: https://www.kolejeslaskie.com/polaczenia/.

NOTE: For holders of One More Beer Festival tickets, we are putting on a special Silesian Railways (Koleje Śląskie) train that will run between Radziechowy-Wieprz and Bielsko-Biała Central:

The special train departs Radziechowy-Wieprz station at 23:59 on both August 5 and August 6.

Alternatively, returning from the event by taxi is possible. Telephone numbers of recommended services will be provided before the event. Numbers will be available at the INFO point, found on the OMB Festival and PINTA Party grounds.

We recommend accommodation in Bielsko-Biała, where there is a wide variety of hotels, guest houses, private accommodation (such as through Airbnb), as well as easy access to and from the event by train. (See HOW TO GET THERE and RETURN FROM THE EVENT sections for more on travel.)

Alternative recommendations for accommodation in and around Wieprz: https://ombf.pl/en/venue/accommodation/.

We will also provide a free campsite in the immediate vicinity of the event. This site will be suitable for pitching a tent or parking a camper, and will be equipped with sanitation facilities. Use of the campsite will be possible after registration (open from June 1, 2022) and confirmation of the following application form: link to the form

The site will host a range of concession stands selling snacks, soft drinks, and hot specialties prepared by local artisans, restaurateurs, and more.

There will be no ATM (cash machine) on-site. Make sure you bring cash as appropriate.

Visitors to One More Beer Festival, after exchanging their tickets for wristbands at the entrance, are entitled to taste beers and ciders exhibited at the festival at no extra charge.

Together with their wristband, attendees will receive a branded One More Beer Festival tasting glass (one per session) and a printed guide to the lineup containing information about which beers and ciders are being exhibited in each session.

With your wristband, you may freely enter and leave the OMBF grounds during the hours of the sessions for which the ticket is valid.

Each of the three (3) sessions lasts four (4) hours, and at each session we serve a minimum of 60 different beers from a minimum of 30 breweries and cideries.

Across the entire festival there will be a minimum of 180 different beers and ciders from a minimum of 30 breweries and cideries from 16 countries.

We will publish a detailed lineup before the festival, with information on which beers and ciders will be available during each of the three (3) sessions.

A special shop will be available to OMBF attendees, selling a selection of beers and ciders in bottles and cans from participating breweries and cideries.

There will be an opportunity during the festival to meet representatives of participating breweries and cideries.

There will be glass-rinsing machines available for use during the festival.

Standard Ticket (276 PLN): Entry to the selected session + festival glass + printed guide.

Weekend Ticket (666 PLN): Entry to all three sessions + 3 festival glasses (one for each session) + printed guide.

Buy your tickets here: https://omb.tikecik.pl/pl/.

Early Bird Ticket: SOLD OUT

Black Ticket: SOLD OUT

Tel. +48 601 621 214

Email: info@ombf.pl



See you at One More Beer Festival 2022!